SDS Type QD Bushings

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SDS Type QD Bushings

A QD bushing is a type of bearing that is used to connect a shaft to a pulley or other rotating component. QD stands for “quick disconnect,” and QD bushings are designed to be easily removed and installed. This makes them ideal for applications where the shaft or pulley needs to be frequently removed, such as in conveyor systems or other industrial applications.

QD bushings are typically made of steel or aluminum and have a tapered bore that fits snugly over the shaft. The bushing also has a keyway that engages with a key on the shaft to prevent it from rotating. QD bushings are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit a wide range of applications.

QD Bushing Parameter:

  • Bushing Type: SDS
  • Bore Size: 1-1/16″、1-3/8″、1-9/16″、11/16″、30mm、40mm、42mm、 45mm、50mm、9/16″、
  • Dimension (A): 0.500″
  • Dimension (B): 2.187″
  • Dimension (D): 3.188″
  • Dimension (E): 0.875″
  • Dimension (F): 0.750″
  • Dimension (G): 0.125″
  • Dimension (L): 1.375″
  • Bolt Circle: 2.688″
  • Set Screw Size: 1/4 – 20
  • Wrench Torque: 108 LBS
  • Weight: 1.00 LBS


SDS QD bushings are designed for use with QD sprockets and pulleys and are available in various bore sizes. Bushings come with standard keyway diameters, so selecting the proper bore diameter is essential. Once the bore diameter is determined, the customer can select the desired bushing. Sleeves are manufactured by ISO 9001 quality management standards. SDS QD bushings are designed to mate with PLI QD sprockets for easy installation and removal.

A good bushing should be free of oil and any anti-seize lubricant. It should then be installed on the shaft with the flange end down. Next, install the sprocket on the bushing, aligning the big end with the bushing. Finally, drill holes and install the pull-up bolts. SDS QD bushings are available in metric and splined bores.

The Role of the Bushing:

The electrical sleeve is an important part of much electrical equipment. These devices carry a high voltage current while providing an insulating barrier between a live conductor and a metal body with a ground potential. Most electrical bushings are of the bulk type, consisting of a central conducting rod made of copper or aluminum and an insulator, such as a composite resin silicone rubber, surrounding it. However, some types are specifically manufactured to protect against electrical failure and withstand cable load and thermal expansion.

Other applications of the bushing include suspension joints and steering linkages. These components reduce road noise and vibration experienced by drivers while driving. Bushings often degrade due to constant movement and exposure to heat, oil, salt, and other contaminants. Damaged bushings not only affect steering performance but also cause noise and vibration that annoys drivers. Therefore, it must be replaced as soon as possible.



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QD Bushing Application: